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The safety of our patients, dentists and dental team members has always been and always will be Dr. Tobian and Dr. Kiefer's utmost concern. The American Dental Association (ADA) has issued interim recommendations aligning with those from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in this new Post COVID-19 ERA. Given these interim recommendations, the ADA anticipates that the cost for each patient visit will substantially increase for procedures performed in the dental office.

Dr. Tobian will be using Dental Code (D1999) to document and report the use and cost of additional PPE. This code will be used once per patient visit/claim to attempt to cover the cost of these additional PPE.

The additional PPE that has been purchased by Dr. Tobian to increase the protection of the patients, dentist and dental team includes the following:

1.      Protective Shields at Front Desk

2.      Thermometers to take the patients temperature before every visit

3.      Instant Hand Sanitizer bottles at several locations in the office

4.      Use of OPTIM1 wipes after every patient to sanitize room, restroom, waiting area, pens

5.      Additional gloves and Level 3 masks for Front office staff

6.      Shield masks used by Dental Team

7.      Protective disposable surgical gowns

8.      Surgical bonnets for Dental Team

9.      Pre-rinse mouthwash for each patient prior to Dental care

10.  Additional Laundry service for PPE clothing, towels and blankets

11.  Air Filtration unit in office

12.  High speed Air Purifier to reduce aerosols during Dental Procedures

13.  High Volume Evacuation (HVE) adaptors to reduce aerosols during Dental Procedures

We hope that third party benefit programs (i.e. Your Dental Insurance) would either 1) adjust the maximum allowable fees for all procedures or 2) allow a standard fee per visit for each patient to accommodate the rising costs of PPE.

We will be billing your Dental Insurance for the additional cost of PPE ($10.00) because the ADA believes that it is inappropriate for any third party benefit program to unfairly place the cost burden on dentists only. Patients will be responsible for any portion not paid by their insurance.

Thank you for your understanding.  Dr. Tobian and his staff strive to keep you safe and healthy.


Dr. Michael Tobian and Dr. Maurissa Kiefer


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